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Research Methods

The Science of Psychology


Reliability & Validity

Conceptualizing a Research Study

Descriptive Methods

Key Elements of Experimental Design

Experimental Designs

Quasi-Experimental Designs

Applying Research Concepts

General Review Material


Why We Need Statistics

Levels of Measurement

Central Tendency and Variability

Inferential Statistics

Statistical Significance

Single Sample t-test

t-test for Dependent Means

t-test for Independent Means

One-way Analysis of Variance

Factorial Analysis of Variance

Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance




Scale Reliability

Applying Statistical Concepts

General Review Material

New Methods Textbook: Spring 2016

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Call for Submissions

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Do you have Statistics activities to share?

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Activity: Power for the Single-Sample t-test: Assignment and Grading Rubric

Students learn to calculate power for single-sample t-tests using an online program. Students also learn how power Read More...

Activity: Puzzles: A Fun Review of the ANOVA summary table

This is review material to help students understand the ANOVA summary table. It provides students with practice Read More...

Activity: The Effects of Temperature on Perceptions of Loneliness

The study is a between-subjects, two-group independent measures design. Students collect data using a two group Read More...

Activity: Letter Preference Effects: A Student-Friendly Paradigm for Teaching Basic Research Methods Concepts

This resource consists of a small set of “student-friendly” articles that collectively provide an empirical Read More...

Activity: Lets Make a Deal! Human Intuition vs. Empirical Reasoning

This activity utilizes an online applet to demonstrate the limitations of human intuition and the need for empirical Read More...