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Discovering the Scientist Within offers an utterly unique approach to the research methods course. Rather than taking students through statistical methods one at a time, the authors provide a series of realistic and engaging case studies with each design-focused chapter presenting a single study start to finish. View More

Discovering the Scientist Within

Screencast Tutorial for a t-test for Independent Means (Amanda's Study)

Through a combination of narrated PowerPoint slides and real-time screen capture of PASW/SPSS, we present a novel research scenario, help students identify relevant variables of interest, identify the level of measurement for each variable, discuss how to choose the appropriate statistical test to analyze the data, input the data into PASW/SPSS, obtain a t-test for independent means and a bar graph with 95% confidence intervals, describe how to interpret the output, and communicate the findings in APA format. Captioning and highlighting are used to reinforce critical concepts and call attention to important information. The tutorial runs about 45 minutes.

Reinforcing multiple-choice questions are periodically interspersed throughout the tutorial. Students select an answer and click on "Submit" to receive feedback. Students can select alternatives until they obtain the correct answer. Students have the option to fast-forward, rewind, and pause the tutorial using the "movie bar" below the tutorial.

Instructors have two means of making this resource available to students. First, the tutorial can be downloaded to any personal computer. The tutorial consists of four files. Create a folder called "t-test for Independent Means " on your Desktop or in My Documents. Download the files to this folder. Please note, the tutorial will not run if any files are missing or if files are housed in different locations. Click on the IndependentTTestV1.htm file. This will launch your default web browser and play the tutorial. The tutorial may take a few moments to load depending on the speed of your computer.

Author: Marianne Fallon, Jason F. Sikorski, Steven Horowitz, Laura Bowman, and Kayla Callahan<br /><br />Central Connecticut State University<br /><br />,,,,

Posted: Friday, November 19, 2010