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Discovering the Scientist Within offers an utterly unique approach to the research methods course. Rather than taking students through statistical methods one at a time, the authors provide a series of realistic and engaging case studies with each design-focused chapter presenting a single study start to finish. View More

Discovering the Scientist Within

Video: Single-n Design: What's the Best Distraction? (Part 2)

This clip shows a single-n design testing the participant’s ability to make free throws under 3 different conditions: auditory distraction (rock band), visual distraction(fans), and control (no distraction). The first clip contains the visual distraction and control conditions, the second clip contains the auditory distraction.

Clip 1 (6:40):

Clip 2 (3:21):

Quasi-experimental design; Manipulating IVs


Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010