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Research Methods

The Science of Psychology


Reliability & Validity

Conceptualizing a Research Study

Descriptive Methods

Key Elements of Experimental Design

Experimental Designs

Quasi-Experimental Designs

Applying Research Concepts

General Review Material


Why We Need Statistics

Levels of Measurement

Central Tendency and Variability

Inferential Statistics

Statistical Significance

Single Sample t-test

t-test for Dependent Means

t-test for Independent Means

One-way Analysis of Variance

Factorial Analysis of Variance

Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance




Scale Reliability

Applying Statistical Concepts

General Review Material

Activity: Conducting a Factorial ANOVA

This activity has students conduct a Factorial ANOVA using data from a research scenario. Students determine the Read More...

Online Activity: Factorial Research Design (Statistics)

From the Society for the Teaching of Psychology website:
This interactive application provides supplemental

Online Simulation: Two-way ANOVA

This Java applet is demonstrates the partitioning of variance in the two-way ANOVA.

The simulation

Summary steps for conducting a Factorial ANOVA: From data through follow up tests and conclusions

This is a "cheat sheet" to help students work through all the steps of calculating and interpreting Read More...