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Discovering the Scientist Within offers an utterly unique approach to the research methods course. Rather than taking students through statistical methods one at a time, the authors provide a series of realistic and engaging case studies with each design-focused chapter presenting a single study start to finish. View More

Discovering the Scientist Within

Activity: Creating a Mnemonic Device for Data Analysis

This assignment has students create a mnemonic devise for pairing statistical tests with for various research designs and data types.

Activity: Evaluating Statistical Information: Product Selection

This activity gives students practice evaluating statistical information by placing them in the role of a therapist who needs to purchase software for her practice. It also helps show students


Demonstration: Illustrating confidence intervals with a game show

A game from The Price is Right can be used to illustrate confidence intervals (CIs). The game can demonstrate the idea behind how a CI works. Students often find conceptual materials more difficult


Learning Something About Yourself Using Statistics: A Course Project for an Introductory Statistical Methods Course

This activity describes a course project one can use for an introductory statistical methods course that specializes in behavioral science. The main objective is for students to select personal Read More...