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Discovering the Scientist Within offers an utterly unique approach to the research methods course. Rather than taking students through statistical methods one at a time, the authors provide a series of realistic and engaging case studies with each design-focused chapter presenting a single study start to finish. View More

Discovering the Scientist Within

Activity: A workshop for Taking Notes on Empirical Research Articles

This in-class activity has students take notes on a short research article by completing a template. An answer key, notes template, and note taking guide are provided.

Activity: Practice Creating an Outline for an APA Style Introduction Based on Notes

This resource helps students practice the process of outlining an APA style Introduction based on notes taken on research articles. It provides note sheets from 8 research articles and a Read More...

Assignment: A Guide and Template for Taking Notes on Research

This resource provides a guide for how to take notes on research, as well as a template for taking notes on empirical articles and review articles/chapters. It also provides an example set Read More...

Assignment: A Guided Activity for Searching the Literature

This assignment will help guide students through doing a literature search on a research topic (determined by you) by going through your campus library website and searching PsycINFO.

Assignment: Creating an Outline for an APA Style Introduction

This resource provides a template to help students plan and organize the structure of an APA style Introduction. It includes an example for students to reference.

Assignment: Searching for Research Articles Using Adages

This assignment/activity has students practice finding research articles by using adages as research hypotheses. The assignment requires students to search for research articles that support Read More...

Resource: Tips for Reading Research

This is a list of tips you can share with students for reading research.