Jamovi Assignments that Teach Climate Change

Kimberly A. Barchard (LinkedIn), Matthew R. HelmJohn D. Watt , Kaelyn Griffin, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas have created a series of Jamovi assignments.

These 10 assignments include step-by-step instructions to take students from the basics of opening data files to the complexities of creating a professional conference poster (complete with literature review, method, results, graph, and discussion).  Each assignment is independent so they may be used in any order. After completing these assignments, students will be better prepared for the rigors of the workplace and for graduate-level research.

These assignments also teach students about climate change. They use data on climate change anxiety, hope, trust, and action collected from 500 United States Mturk workers, and they provide additional resources so students can learn more about climate change.

Students get links to short videos and written descriptions at the beginning of each assignment. With those, students require no prior knowledge of Jamovi to complete any of these assignments.

1.     Introduction to Jamovi and its scoring key

2.     Graphs in Jamovi and its scoring key

3.     Descriptive Statistics in Jamovi and its scoring key

4.     Subgroups in Jamovi and its scoring key

5.     Transforming Data in Jamovi and its scoring key

6.     One Sample t-test in Jamovi and its scoring key

7.     Independent Samples in Jamovi and Writing a Research Report and its scoring key

8.     Paired Samples in Jamovi and its scoring key

9.     Power in Jamovi and its scoring key

10.  Correlation in Jamovi and Conference Poster and its scoring key

You can also find the assignments on the OSF student site and the scoring keys on the OSF teacher site. The Climate Change Data are available on both the student and instructor sites, or you can download it directly here.

Word versions of the 10 Jamovi assignments.