Careers in Research Methods, UX, and Statistics

Arizona State University has a fantastic site where the post videos and career information (e.g, estimated salaries and suggested coursework) for a range of potential psychology careers, including statistics. On the research methods and user experience career page, they explain “In the fields of applied research, you will utilize your knowledge of research methods to …

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Jamovi Assignments for Introductory Statistics

Kimberly A. Barchard (LinkedIn), Matthew R. Helm, John D. Watt from the Interactive Measurement Group at University of Nevada, Las Vegas have created a series of Jamovi assignments.  These assignments take students from the basics of opening data files to the complexities of creating a professional conference poster. These assignments use real data that were collected …

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Principles to Improve Instructional Videos’ Effectiveness

This is an article on The Effortful Educator from Blake Harvard (Twitter: @effortfuleduktr) that reviews “Five ways to increase the effectiveness of instructional video.” Going forward, because more of us will need to create videos for our courses, we should learn as much as we can about making those videos as effective as possible. In …

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NOBA: Statistical Thinking

A chapter by Beth Chance and Allan Rossman that introduces several key topics in statistics such as: distributions, p-values, confidence intervals, samples/populations, and drawing statistical conclusions . This chapter could serve as an introduction to the topic or as a refresher for students in a more advanced course. You can access the full chapter here.

Article: Teaching the Foundations of Psychological Science

This chapter from Regan Gurung (Twitter: @ReganARGurung) and Drew Christopher, discusses all aspects of teaching research methods and statistics in psychology from why students need the course, how to organize the course, highlight resources, and discuss challenges in teaching these important courses. Citation: Gurung R.A.R., Christopher A. (2020) Teaching the Foundations of Psychological Science. In: …

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Student Guide to SPSS and APA Style Writing (v.12.0)

This guide (created by Gary Lewandowski; Twitter: @LewandowskiPhD) is a free resource that can substitute for the APA Manual and SPSS guides. The Student Guide leads students through data analysis in SPSS with step-by-step instructions and screenshots for setting up the analyses and interpreting the output. For each analysis, students also see an example SPSS …

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Activity: Multi-Group Multi-Tasking

In this activity from The Learning Scientists’ blog, students are randomly assigned to one of three groups: recite the alphabet, count to 26, or go both by going back and forth (A-1-B-2, etc.). The dependent variable is how long it takes to complete the task. This could be done in class, but could also be …

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Creating an Effective Online Instructor Presence

This article from the Community College Resource Center at Columbia University’s Teachers College, provides information on “Together, these studies shed light on the fact that it is important for online instructors to actively and visibly engage with students in the teaching and learning process—perhaps with even greater intentionality than in face-to-face courses.” Within the 8 …

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Chronicle Advice Guide: How To Be a Better Online Teacher

This article by Flower Darby from The Chronicle of Higher Education “… advice on how to make your online pedagogy as effective and satisfying as the in-person version…” This includes: 10 essential principles and practices of better online teaching Common misperceptions How to find help You can check out the full article here.

Video: Introduction to R

This is a short video (5:20) from MarinStatsLectures introducing students to using R. It is the first in a series that will be a fantastic resource for both face-to-face and online teaching. Click here for a link to the complete playlist. If you check out the MarinStatsLectures page, you’ll also find lots of videos on …

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Video: Hypothesis Testing Concepts

This is a playlist from MarinStatsLectures focusing on central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. There are 12 videos in the series. Each one is short to help keep students focused, and it allows you to easily pick and choose which ones you prefer. This is a great resource for online teaching to help …

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