NOBA: Statistical Thinking

A chapter by Beth Chance and Allan Rossman that introduces several key topics in statistics such as: distributions, p-values, confidence intervals, samples/populations, and drawing statistical conclusions . This chapter could serve as an introduction to the topic or as a refresher for students in a more advanced course. You can access the full chapter here.

NOBA: Research Designs

An article by Christie Napa Scollon that outlines the basics of research designs in psychology, including information about experimental vs. correlational design. This reading would be a good introduction to the topic, or a good review for students who previously took a methods course. You can access the full chapter here.

NOBA: Conducting Research in the Real World

An article by Matthias Mehl that advocates for taking our research out of the lab and exploring phenomena in the real world. The discussion touches on topics like internal/external validity, ecological validity, sampling, as well as several specific/specialized methods related to capturing daily information from participants. The chapter also includes information about conducting research online …

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NOBA: Why Science?

This article by Ed Diener provides a brief primer on the science of psychology. The article focuses on defining science, showing how it applies to psychology, discusses ethical considerations, and why science is so useful in psychology. In any psychology course, but especially research methods, this article would provide students with a really nice introduction …

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