Video: A Simple and Quick Way… (SPSS Tutorials)

This collection of SPSS Video Tutorials from AJ Delgado are exactly as advertised, simple and quick. Here’s just one example, this one focuses on t-tests for independent means. Click here to link to all of his videos. Videos cover all of the key statistics, as well as issues like dealign with skew, and working with …

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Video: How-To Create a #BetterPoster

An in-depth presentation from Mike Morrison (you can find him on Twitter @MikeMorrison) about the need for a #betterposter. If this doesn’t convince you that we need to revamp how we present scientific information at conferences, nothing will. Want to find templates for creating better posters? Click here. The next video is a deeper dive …

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APA Style (7th Edition): References

The video is a bit long (over an hour) and the audio quality isn’t stellar, but it has lots of good information. Instructors could provide this to students and have confidence that all of the key elements were covered. Here is an additional resource/handout that summarizes APA Style References as well.

Video: Introduction to R

This is a short video (5:20) from MarinStatsLectures introducing students to using R. It is the first in a series that will be a fantastic resource for both face-to-face and online teaching. Click here for a link to the complete playlist. If you check out the MarinStatsLectures page, you’ll also find lots of videos on …

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Video: Hypothesis Testing Concepts

This is a playlist from MarinStatsLectures focusing on central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. There are 12 videos in the series. Each one is short to help keep students focused, and it allows you to easily pick and choose which ones you prefer. This is a great resource for online teaching to help …

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Examples of Sampling Bias and Demand Characteristics through a Daily Show Clip

A clip (5:30) from the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that demonstrates how sampling bias and demand characteristics can lead to misleading conclusions. “Poll Bearers: Cable news polls might not reflect public opinion so much as the ability of viewers to repeat the ideas they just heard.” View the episode here.

Video: One-Way ANOVA (SPSS for Beginners)

Video (11:19) from Research by Design described as follows, “Using the same example from the Wizard of Oz involving Munchkins and wicked witches in various regions that we used learning ANOVA by hand, we are going to learn about conducting a one-way ANOVA using SPSS. We will create the dataset in SPSS, conduct a one-way …

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Video: Chi-Square (SPSS for Beginners)

Video (7:37) from Research by Design described as follows, “We are now going to learn how to calculate a one-way chi-square in SPSS. This is the House of Pigs Chi Square, using the dataset BuildingPermits.sav. A house inspector randomly samples building permits pulled by 70 little pigs who were building houses, to determine whether a …

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Video: Independent-Samples t-test (SPSS for Beginners)

Video (8:11) from Research by Design and Dr. Todd Daniel, described as follows, “Another way of measuring the difference between two samples is to compare two unrelated groups or participants or samples. In this design, you measure two groups one time; in contrast, the previous paired test measured the same sample two times. With independent …

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