Lab Activity: Caramel Apples and the single sample t-test (SPSS)

This is an activity (created by Dr. Maya G. Sen) that has has students collect data that they analyze (by hand and with SPSS) using a single-sample t-test. They compare the weights of a sample of Caramel Apple Pops to the population mean (i.e., the advertised weight).

Materials Needed
Enough Caramel Apple Pops for everyone (including you!). You can substitute other candy that has its weight listed on the individual pieces, but Caramel Apple Pops are very popular with the students. You can buy them here. You will also need a small scale, like the one found here.

The handout includes goals, background, and step-by-step instructions for students. It also includes SPSS instructions and screenshots. It also includes sample output and answer key.

Please click here for the file.