Resource: For the Love of Teaching Undergraduate Statistics

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“Statistics education,  a crucial component of the undergraduate psychology curriculum, is one of the most challenging topics for students to learn and for faculty to teach.  For the Love of Teaching Undergraduate Statistics is designed to provide readers with advice, best practices, and fun ideas for teaching an introductory statistics course to undergraduate psychology students. Each chapter is informed by the 2014 American Psychological Association Statistical Literacy Task Force guidelines as well as the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) from the American Statistical Association. Chapters are organized into five sections:  course design, semester-long course projects, learning and engagement activities, teaching advanced topics, and utilizing open access statistical software. It concludes with a compendium of additional resources, organized by chapter topics.    ISBN: 978-1-941804-57-5”

**For great information on teaching statistics online, please see Chapter 2.**

Beyer, A. & Peters, A. (Eds). (2020). For the love of teaching undergraduate statistics. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology web site:

Chapter List

1.     Show Your Students that Statistics are Everywhere by Jessica Hartnett

2.     Teaching Statistics Online: Advice for Being Your Best No Matter the Modality by Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

3.     Flipping the Script on Stats Education: Presenting Evidence for and a Guide to Flipping the Psychology Stats Classroom by Donelle
Posey and Amy T. Nusbaum 

4.     Encouraging Reflective Learning in Introductory Statistics by Ashley Waggoner Denton 

5.     Passion-Driven Statistics by Kristel M. Gallagher, Kristin R. Flaming, and Lisa C. Dierker

6.     Teaching Statistics for Social Justice: A “Recipe” for Project Implementation by Charles R. Collins

7.     News Students Use: Critical Evaluation Assignment for Undergraduate Statistics Course by Alisa Beyer

8.     Statistics and Writing Together at Last: Dual Skills of the Critical Thinker by Connor P. Principe

9.     The Important Yet Difficult Task of Making Statistics Engaging by Janet M. Peters

10.  Puzzling it Out: A Collaborative Review Activity by Miranda M. McIntyre

11.  Engaging Students in Statistics: The Power of Manipulatives by Joshua D. Fetterman and Meredith E. Kneavel 

12.  Using StatHand to Improve Students’ Statistic Selection Skills by Peter J Allen, Jessica L Fielding, Ryan H S Kay, and Elizabeth C East

13.  Feeling Good About Teaching the New Statistics by Tamarah Smith

14.  Meta-Analysis as a Tool for Increasing Students’ Scientific Thinking by Jennifer V. Fayard

15.  Advice and Activities for Teaching Replication in Statistics Courses by Nathaniel R.Greene, Mike Corcoran, and Lisa M. Bauer

16.  Reject Rejecting the Null Hypothesis: Using Confidence Intervals to Encourage Meta-analytic Thinking by Thomas Cavanagh 

17.  Using Jamovi in an Undergraduate Psychological Statistics Course: A Free Alternative that Promotes Conceptual Understanding and Active Learning by  Abby Heckman Coats and Andrew Mienaltowski 

18.  Yes, Beginning Statistics Students Can Use R! by Jennifer E. Samson 

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