Activities and Demonstrations

Activity: The Alien Ethnographer

This activity provides students with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the role that qualitative research, more specifically ethnographic field research, has when studying human behavior. This activity is best assigned as a small project which students can work on either individually or in small groups. Having students conducting this activity in small …

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Activity: Threats to Internal Validity: Smarties vs. Dum Dums

This activity helps students remember potential sources of threats to internal validity, through an in-class activity where students engage in an “experiment” with several intentional threats to internal validity. Students identify the threats and get candy. Easily one of our students favorite activities. Please click here for the file.

Activity: Ethics in Psychological Research

This in-class activity (created by Dr. Jamie S. Hughes) may be used with upper level undergraduates or new graduate students in research methods courses. It is designed for use with small collaborative groups and requires about 50 minutes of class time. Students will apply their knowledge about Belmont principles, APA ethical guidelines, and IRB review. …

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Activity: Research Idea Diary

This activity takes students(individually or as part of a group) through a series of steps to generate research ideas from their daily experiences. Next, students have the opportunity to select a research design that can test their idea. Please click here for the file.