Video: How to Do a One Sample and Paired-Samples t Test in JASP

Video (16:57) from Research by Design in which, “The One Sample t-Test is a parametric procedure that tests whether a sample mean is statistically significantly different than a population mean or other known value. We will open a CSV dataset in JASP, check the assumptions of the test, conduct the one sample t-test, interpret the findings, and write up the results in APA style.”

Video (14:50) “Using the same data about puppy training, we learn how to set up and run a paired samples t test. We import data into JASP, conduct the test, interpret the results and write up the findings. We check the assumption of normality using a Shapiro Wilk test. Finally, examine why these same data yielded non-significant results with the independent samples t test, but were significant with this test. You should watch both this video and How to do an Independent Samples t Test in JASP (11-10) to fully understand these two tests.”

If you’d like to have any of the files used in the video, you can access them here.

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