Video: How to Do Simple Linear Regression in JAS

Video (23:18) from Research by Design in which, “Exploring our data about burnout and job satisfaction, we predict an outcome with a single variable using simple linear regression in JASP. I explain how regression works, then open an SPSS dataset in JASP. We explore the assumptions of homoscedasticity and linearity with a scatterplot and normality using a Shapiro-Wilk test. Later we examine the residual statistics for outliers and use the Durbin-Watson test to check for independence of observations. Assumptions met, we conduct the simple linear regression in JASP, interpret the results, and write up the findings in APA style. I also answer the question: “What is the difference between capital R and lower case r, for reporting?”

If you’d like to have any of the files used in the video, you can access them here.

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