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Investigating Claims Made by the Media

This assignment helps students practice scientific literacy and literature searches. Students find a media posting that makes a psychology-related scientific claim and a peer-reviewed research article that speaks to that claim. Students then write an essay evaluating the media claim based on the scientific conclusions. Please click here for the file.

A Guide and Template for Taking Notes on Research

This resource provides a guide for how to take notes on research, as well as a template for taking notes on empirical articles and review articles/chapters. It also provides an example set of notes for an empirical article. It can be used as the basis for a note-taking assignment given to prepare student to write …

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Examples of Sampling Bias and Demand Characteristics through a Daily Show Clip

A clip (5:30) from the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that demonstrates how sampling bias and demand characteristics can lead to misleading conclusions. “Poll Bearers: Cable news polls might not reflect public opinion so much as the ability of viewers to repeat the ideas they just heard.” View the episode here.

First Day Getting to Know You Survey

Establishing a rapport with students is connected to students’ success, interest, and pro-academic behaviors. Rapport can be particularly hard to establish in an online learning environment. One way to help establish rapport is by starting the semester with a survey that helps you get to know the students and their needs. Teachers who do this …

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