Open Stats Lab: Additional Activities

Activities focus on the following topics:

  • (RELIABILITY ANALYSIS) Do People Feel Immoral After Behaving Inauthentically? Here students get to compute new variable, calculate descriptive statistics, find Cronbach’s alpha, and create a table.
  • (CHI-SQUARE TEST OF INDEPENDENCE) Why do People Fail to Follow Through on Their Good Intentions? Here students get to conduct a t-test for independent means/samples, along with a chi-square test of independence, create a table, and select cases.

Each Individual Activity Includes:

  • A lab summary including: article citation, learning objectives, study description, and the steps needed for the analysis.
  • A link the full original article from Psychological Science.
  • Two copies of the data file (SPSS & .CSV)
  • For R Users: lab summary for completing the lab with R.

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