Link: Spurious Correlation Examples

A website dedicated to creating charts depicting ridiculous correlations (like the one in the picture–clearly we must stop putting Nicolas Cage in films!). You can also pick two variables of your own from a list including topics like: interesting causes of death, sunlight by state, marriage and divorce rates. A great way for students to …

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Open Stats Lab: Introduction to Pre-registration

Students read “Research Preregistration 101“ Students read “Example steps for doing a pre-registration in (social) psychology” from the OSF website. Student respond to a series of questions about the value of pre-registration, including its ability to counter HARKing. A lab summary includes: learning objectives, background, links to articles, and the response questions. You can follow …

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Link:’s Hack Your Way to Scientific Glory

This website lets you take the wheel and play with several different parameters during data analysis. By defining who you’re sample is, how you measure economic performance, an what other variables you factor in, you’ll get to see how it impacts results. Sure enough, after a few tries you’re virtually sure to get “publishable” findings. …

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Online Activity: Open Science in Psychology

A set of lecture slides (created by Dr. Benjamin Le) entitled, “Open Science in Psychology: Why, What, & How.“ This stylish slide deck reviews the problem (i.e., the replication crisis) including several examples of failed replications, questionable research practices, and provides potential solutions (e.g, using open science concepts). Please click here for the file.