Tips: Developing a Research Talk/Paper Presentation

  1. You’re Not Nervous, You’re Excited
    This article provides research support for reappraising nerves as excitement. It explains that this
    reappraisal can help performance (versus suggesting they need to calm down). If students won’t
    believe you, maybe they’ll believe the research!
    Brooks, A. W. (2014). Get excited: Reappraising pre-performance anxiety as excitement. Journal of
    Experimental Psychology: General, 143,
    1144-1158. doi: 10.1037/a0035325
  2. Ten Great Presentation Techniques
    This easy to read article gives 10 tips for giving better presentations. Suggestions include: rehearse,
    don’t read slides, don’t overload slides, know your audience, slow down, and don’t read the script.
    You can access the article here.
  3. PowerPointless
    This is a slideshow focusing on the evils of PowerPoint, which really amounts to them pointing out
    all of the ways people use PowerPoint incorrectly. Avoid these and your PowerPoints won’t be
    pointless. You can access the article here.
  4. 52 Presentation Tips
    This is a fun slideshow with some great tips focusing on themes such as telling a great story,
    creating high-quality slides, being a better presenter, and improving overall performance.
    You can access the slide show here.
  5. Presentation Zen: 11 Ways to Use Images Poorly in Slides
    This article, with lots of examples, focuses on how to properly use images in slides.
    You can access the article here.

Adapted from the Instructor Resource Manual of Discovering the Scientist Within: Research Methods in Psychology.