Link: Open Stats Lab

Open Stats Lab (OSL) is a free resource for the teaching of introductory statistics. From the site:

“OSL is primarily a resource for the teaching (and learning) of statistics. Although many statistics textbooks come with supplemental data sets to help train students in data analysis, these data sets often lack the richness and complexity of “real” data.  In addition, most of these supplemental data sets are boring and ask students to analyze problems that they don’t care about.  In contrast, OSL labs use the actual data sets from published research and allow students to reproduce the latest findings in psychological science.  

Each OSL lab is comprised of three components: a published article, a data set, and an activity for students.  The lab activities guide students through the reproduction of the results reported in one of the studies from the published paper.  In addition, some of the activities also focus on issues related to data analysis, such as computing new variables. “

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