Lecture Slides: Pie Taste Test (MultiGroup / Repeated-Measures Design Demonstration)

In this demonstration/activity (with PowerPoint slides) four student volunteers have the opportunity to provide taste ratings for several types of pie.  Instructors would need to provide plates, napkins, utensils, and the 4 types of pie. Type of pie can obviously vary, but students seem to be more engaged when there is an obvious “cheap” kind and a more expensive kind. By keeping the true identities concealed, even students who are not directly tasting the pie stay interested in the process and outcome.

Instructors would need to provide the pie. (A simpler/cheaper variation of this activity can be successfully done by taste testing water. Students enjoy taste testing expensive types like Evian/Fiji vs. the water fountain down the hall /dorm faucet water.) 

After each taste experience, participants provide their taste assessment. Afterward, students  have the opportunity to discuss key features of the experiment such as IV, DV, the procedure, and potential order effects/solutions. Additional information can be found in the Notes section for several of the key slides.

During the “Data Analysis” slide instructors can take the time to analyze the data in class if time/facilities permit.

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