Lecture Slides: The Pepsi Challenge (Factorial Design Demonstration)

In this demonstration/activity (with PowerPoint slides) eight student volunteers have the opportunity to provide taste ratings for soda.  Instructors would need to provide cups and soda (usually a 16 oz bottle of each type of soda is enough). Type of soda can vary, but students seem to like the Pepsi vs. Coke dynamic. Another fun choice would be a store brand vs. a name brand, or to taste test different coffee. 

Afterward, students  have the opportunity to discuss key features of the experiment such as IVs, DV, the procedure, and the need for experimental control. Additional information can be found in the Notes section for several of the key slides.

The Instructor would need to provide the soda for this activity.

During the “Data Analysis” slide instructors can take the time to analyze the data in class if time/facilities permit.

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