Lecture Slides: Something You Will Like (Multigroup Design Demonstration)

In this demonstration/activity (with PowerPoint slides) students are randomly assigned to one of three groups. Those in Group 1 are the picture only condition and simply view the pictures. Those in Group 2 eat cookies while looking at the pictures. Those in Group 3 eat candy while looking at the pictures.

The Instructor would need to provide cookies & candy for this activity, and it works best in terms of experimental control to give similar treats (thin mint cookies and York peppermint patties). While each group receives their manipulation, the other students wait outside. Each group completes a manipulation check (to see if the manipulation was something they liked), and then completes a single-item measure of happiness.

During the “Data Analysis” slide instructors can take the time to analyze the data in class if time/facilities permit. Afterward, students have the opportunity to discuss key features of the experiment such as IV, DV, manipulation checks, use of deception, and the importance of experimental control. Information about the pictures appear in the slides’ Notes section.

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