Central Limit Theorem

Video: Hypothesis Testing Concepts

This is a playlist from MarinStatsLectures focusing on central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals. There are 12 videos in the series. Each one is short to help keep students focused, and it allows you to easily pick and choose which ones you prefer. This is a great resource for online teaching to help …

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Video: Central Limit Theorem and Distributions of Sample Means

This video (7:34) explains the central limit theorem, where distributions of means of samples come from, and how those distributions are normally distributed from StatQuest with Josh Starmer. Bam. Before watching, students should have a good understanding of the normal distribution. You can find the StatQuest website here.

Video: Sampling Distribution of the Sample Means

A Khan Academy video that demonstrates calculating means of samples in the context of the central limit theorem, including a discussion of the Sampling Distribution of the Sample mean (or the Distribution of Means of Samples). You can find the whole series of Khan Academy videos on Probability and Statistics here.